Video: Woman prepares for the first ever bike trip across Antarctica

Australian adventurer Dr. Kate Leeming is preparing for a 1,850 km cycling expedition across Antarctica via the South Pole. In order to test her equipment and her limits, Leeming is currently undertaking a three-week journey through Jameson Land and Liverpool Land in Northeast Greenland.

Leeming’s trips have taken her around the world, she has cycled the 22,000 km width of Africa, pedalled 25,000km around Australia and was the first woman to cycle unsupported across Russia, a 13,400 km journey that took her five months.

Leeming is wearing custom-designed clothing and boots which, along with the bike, made by Steve Christini, are designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions, which can be seen in the blizzard she and her film makers encountered in Greenland.

“Several people have tried to cycle to the South Pole, no-one has yet succeeded. This bike, I believe, will give me the opportunity to succeed and be the first person to cycle to the South Pole.”, said Leeming.

Leeming uses her trips to raise awareness and fundraise for causes often linked to the regions she rides through. She hopes to use her Breaking the Cycle South Pole expedition to raise funds to fight AIDS in Africa.