Video: Cyclist hitches ride on truck in Australia

A dashboard camera has captured the nail-biting moment a cyclist clung on to the back of the truck in an apparent stunt on a busy Perth, Australia, highway this week.

In footage the young cyclist is seen hanging on to the back of a prime mover in the left hand lane eastbound, while traffic tentatively tries to pass.

In what appears to be an effort to pick up speed, the man hangs on to the truck with one hand for about 30 seconds before letting go and speeding off into the bus lane.

Motorist John Richards said the man caught up at with the truck at traffic lights for a second attempt.

“The guy comes out of nowhere on his bike… then he hangs on to the back of a lorry, it’s like something out of a video game,” he said.

“He started weaving about and I started thinking about the consequences – that truck’s got 18 wheels on it and there’s all this traffic around us.”

Mr Richards said traffic was banked up in the area, with motorists reluctant to pass the cyclist, who was also not wearing a helmet at the time.

“They couldn’t overtake the lorry because they weren’t sure what the guy on the back was going to do. Potentially I could have hit him,” he said.