UCI looks to restart disc brake trial next year

As Cycling Weekly reports, UCI’s experiment with disc brake bikes will restart in 2017,  after it was suspended this spring due to safety concerns.

Paul Lew, vice-chair of the UCI’s wheel committee and partner at Edco, said that we can expect to see disc brakes back in the peloton next season, with analysis of the trial’s success due to be carried out next September.

Following the accident involving Movistar rider Fran Ventoso at Paris-Roubaix, the UCI suspended the use of disc brakes in professional road racing amid safety fears.

“It continues to be a test programme, and no official determination will be made until approximately one year from today [September 2],” Lew told CW.

“The question was raised in the committee meeting about whether there was a crash and a disc brake is involved in some way – whether it caused the crash or injured someone. Will the test programme continue or will it stop like it did this year? The answer was, we don’t know what will happen.

“We learned a lot from the situation this year, where there was a claim that the disc brake caused an injury, but under investigation a lot of people think that it was the chain ring.

“But the committee said they don’t know if the programme will stop again and start again the next year.”