UCI could shorten Doha World Championship road races due to heat concerns

Out of concern of the extreme heat that riders in the Doha World Championships are likely to face, the UCI has announced measures to address the issues, including provisions to shorten races. If implemented the 257.3km elite men’s road race could be pared down to only 150km.

“From the end of September, a 4-member group of experts will examine the weather forecast, and will meet before each road race,” the statement said. “Daily checks of the temperature will be conducted by two UCI representatives using thermal stress indicators.”

If the heat is considered to be extreme, the men’s race will be shortened and the other races will have laps of the circuit reduced.

The UCI issued a special “Beat the Heat” guide to all federations to aid in their preparations for the temperatures that are expected to be around 40C.

In addition to the possible shortening of races, the UCI will have two neutral motorbikes with water, along with extra ice and water for all teams.