T°red solves the disc brake rotor problem for pro peloton

The engineers and designers at Tºred, an Italian brand that introduced their very cool road and cyclocross bikes at NAHBS this year, have applied for a patent on these disc brake covers.

Tred rotor shield 2

The rear has a mounting bracket that slots onto the hub’s axle end cap, then the shield mounts to it. The front uses the same mounting method on forks with ample clearance between the rotor and fork legs, but also has an external mounting version that clamps between the thru axle and fork leg (shown above, click to enlarge). Video below shows the standard mounting option:

These are 3D printed plastic prototypes, but the final version will be made of carbon fiber, which sheds heat virtually immediately. They say the vents in the product will allow proper air flow, which would be the one immediate concern with covering the rotor.

The product was conceived and designed by Romolo Stanco and tested by Giairo Ermeti and Pietro Saccarini, the latter being a biomedical engineer that provided design input to ensure it offered actual injury protection. Their plan is to introduce the parts soon (as early as one month from this story), ideally in conjunction with a new disc brake bike.