Tour of Croatia 2016 LIVE STREAM

Hoping to use cycling to promote the home country, the new Tour of Croatia offers an alternative path to the Giro d’Italia and in its second edition, the event is getting noticed as an option for some of the biggest teams who prefer to send some of their riders to Eastern Europe instead of heading to Turkey, Trentino or Romandie.

LIVE STREAM 1 (Eurosport)
LIVE STREAM 2 (Eurosport)

english commentary, starting 14:30 CET</td> </tr>

LIVE STREAM 1 (French Eurosport)
LIVE STREAM 2 (French Eurosport)

french commentary</td> </tr> </tbody> </table>

Top-10 previous edition
1. PATERSKI Maciej 22:05:16
2. ROGLIč Primož +1’01”
3. SZMYD Sylwester +1’18”
4. RAVASI Edward +1’39”
5. FIRSANOV Sergey +1’40”
6. SAMOILAU Branislau +2’17”
7. KISERLOVSKI Emanuel +2’32”
8. PACCHIARDO Davide +3’18”
9. RUTKIEWICZ Marek +4’09”
10. BOLE Grega +4’23”