The world’s most advanced bamboo bicycle

Bamboo Bicycle Club produces a wide variety of DIY bamboo frame building kits for people that want to build their frame themselves. Although they are not usually the ones building the frames, they decided they wanted to show off a little by illustrating what was possible with the renewable resource. The bike they made out of bamboo is unlike anything that had ever been done before.

Shoot past the break to see the sweet bamboo aero road bike they built to display in the Cycle Revolution exhibition in London’s Design Museum as well as the many frame kits available to do-it-yourself’ers…


The Bamboo Aero Bike is so much more than just epoxying a bunch of bamboo together. Through a careful selection process, they chose tubes based on the size and thickness they needed and split to reform pieces with epoxy into aerodynamic seat, down and top tubes. Custom pre-cut composite lugs are made of flax fiber and internal cable routing keeps things clean and out of the wind.

Claimed to be the most world’s advanced bamboo bike, the aero road bike was created to be a part of the Cycle Revolution exhibition in London’s Design Museum. If the bike had no visual signs of the bamboo, it could likely be mistaken for being made out of carbon. The bike will be on display until June.