Team Stölting is ready for a new beginning

Following three successful years as an operator of a Continental team that achieved positive race results, Stölting Service Group is taking the next step and is ready to take on major international challenges. The team will race under a German license.

After the withdrawal of CULT Energy as a main sponsor over the winter, Stölting Service Group decided to step in as the main sponsor and continue as a UCI Pro Continental team.

“We are leaving a rough winter period behind us,” said team CEO Christian Grosse Kreul. “The loss of a main sponsor was a setback for us, but I am really proud of how we have come out of this. We are much stronger and more cohesive, both riders and sponsors, which is great to see. And we have still been able to follow our sporting plan, as a few U23 riders already had a training camp in December and all the riders have been working with the team performance staff to prepare for their 2016 goals.”

After a training camp in Mallorca, Spain, from Jan. 17 to 30, the team will race the Tour of Qatar (Feb. 8-12). “We are looking forward to getting together as a team again,” said Grosse Kreul. “We are currently working out of the team’s training facility in Hotel Orange Colom in Portocolom, Mallorca, where we will work with one group of riders toward the first important races of the season, the Tour of Qatar and Tour of Oman. And with another group we will build the training more gradually toward goals later in the spring.”

The team will present the 2016 lineup on Feb. 25, 2016, in Düsseldorf, the Grand Départ city of the 2017 Tour de France. “We are based in the Düsseldorf area, and it is great to show off our team with the increasing interest in cycling in Germany now that the Tour de France is arriving,” Grosse Kreul said.

The 2016 team consists of 17 riders: Michael Carbel Svendgaard, Gerald Ciolek, Linus Gerdemann, Rasmus Guldhammer, Lasse Norman Hansen, Alexander Kamp, Lennard Kämna, Alex Kirsch, Thomas Koep, Romain Lemarchand, Christian Mager, Mads Pedersen, Rasmus Quaade, Michael Reihs, Sven Reutter, Jonas Tenbrock and Fabian Wegmann.