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29 Jan 2018

Priest on Graziella versus cycling.

19 Oct 2016

Video: Contador sings from his bike in Abu Dhabi

19 Oct 2016

Nicolas Roche takes a call at 40+ kph (video)

17 Oct 2016

World Championships: This is how the race was won (video)

16 Oct 2016

This is probably the funniest video from 2016 World Championships

13 Oct 2016

Video: Cyclist almost doored at the U23 Worlds Road Race

11 Oct 2016

Video: Always check your mirrors before opening your car door!

10 Oct 2016

Video: Ambulance almost takes out rider at World Championships

07 Oct 2016

Video: Mad driver launches a pursuit on the sidewalk to knock down cyclist

04 Oct 2016

Video: Skills or stupidity? Watch bike messenger zipping between cars at 35kph

03 Oct 2016

Video: The most epic bike smash of the year

02 Oct 2016

Video: Angry pedestrian blocks cyclist as he races through zebra crossing

28 Sep 2016

Better than Sagan? Niccolo Bonifazio shows off insane bike-handling skills

28 Sep 2016

Video: Froome shows fans how to run with their bikes

22 Sep 2016

Video: Crashing motorbike narrowly misses the riders on Eneco Tour

21 Sep 2016

Video: Overhead shot shows how skilful is Peter Sagan

21 Sep 2016

Badass women in Iran share why they’re ignoring a new fatwa against cycling

20 Sep 2016

Video: Sam Henning has spectacular crash into water-filled ditch

19 Sep 2016

Video: Triathlete dragged to finish line by brother in dramatic race

18 Sep 2016

Video: The most incredible finish to a cycling race you will ever see

17 Sep 2016

Video: Driver high-fives friend after dooring cyclist

15 Sep 2016

Badass mom becomes world’s fastest female cyclist

14 Sep 2016

Video: Riccardo Ricco is back!

10 Sep 2016

Video: Rojas breaks his leg in Vuelta a Espana crash

10 Sep 2016

Video: Fan who steps out into road to wave at camera causes ugly crash on Vuelta

07 Sep 2016

Video: Wiggins does a Froome and runs uphill at the Tour of Britain

06 Sep 2016

Video: Angry Cavendish stops mid-race to speak with spectator

04 Sep 2016

Video: Cyclist tries to descend like Froome but all goes badly wrong

01 Sep 2016

Video: Unicyclist defies death with towering chimney balancing act

29 Aug 2016

Video: Wiggins rider gets blown off road by low flying helicopter

26 Aug 2016

Video: Alberto Contador crashes in Vuelta and takes other riders down

26 Aug 2016

You think you train hard? You should watch this guy

25 Aug 2016

Video: Skilful cyclist rides in Superman position at crazy speeds

25 Aug 2016

Video: Cyclists get into fight after Bouhanni is taken down in sprint

24 Aug 2016

Video: Massive crash knocks Steven Kruijswijk out of the Vuelta

24 Aug 2016

Video: Miguel Lopez breaks three teeth in nasty crash but refuses to abandon Vuelta

23 Aug 2016

Video: Funniest premature celebrations in cycling

23 Aug 2016

Video: Peter Sagan Olympic MTB race highlights

22 Aug 2016

Shocking video: Taxi driver deliberately hits cyclist

19 Aug 2016

Video: Team Katusha gets lost during Vuelta time trial recon

16 Aug 2016

Video: Cavendish causes horrible crash in Olympic points race

14 Aug 2016

Funny Video: Chris Hoy’s cheeky reaction to being caught on his phone live on air

14 Aug 2016

Video: Miraculous crash save during Rio track event

11 Aug 2016

Video: Thief chops down a tree to steal bicycle

09 Aug 2016

Video: Bike commuter wearing headphones nearly crashes out pro cyclists

08 Aug 2016

Video: Annemiek van Vleuten suffers horrific crash in Olympic women’s road race

07 Aug 2016

Video: Dramatic crash ends Nibali and Henao hopes for Olympic glory

31 Jul 2016

Watch: Cyclists life saved by a car crash

30 Jul 2016

The funniest thing you’ll see today: Cyclist grabs pizza from random car

30 Jul 2016

Video: Chris Froome is grilled by Team Sky’s Mini riders

27 Jul 2016

Video: A cyclist tries to cross the road and you won’t believe what happens next

27 Jul 2016

Shocking Video: Driver shoots cyclist after losing in road rage fight

21 Jul 2016

Video: Cyclist survives after out of control van flies over his head

17 Jul 2016

Video: Spectator wants to take a photo and causes huge crash

16 Jul 2016

Nairo Quintana: “I grabbed the motorbike because it hit me”

15 Jul 2016

Video: Did Quintana cheat on Mont Ventoux?

14 Jul 2016

Watch the moment when Richie Porte crashes into motorbike

14 Jul 2016

Video: Cyclists blown off bikes in strong winds on Mont Ventoux

11 Jul 2016

Video: George Bennett KO’s spectator at the Tour de France

09 Jul 2016

Incredible Video: Watch the moment when the inflatable banner hits Adam Yates

07 Jul 2016

Shocking Video: Impatient cyclist almost sends another rider under a truck

06 Jul 2016

Watch Peter Sagan playing Rocky Balboa in new movie

05 Jul 2016

Video: Pro cyclist thought he was training hard, until he saw this

04 Jul 2016

On-bike camera captures Contador’s second crash in Tour de France

03 Jul 2016

Video: Flecha almost gets hit by BMC bus during live TV show

02 Jul 2016

Video: Ugly crash for Contador on stage one of the Tour de France

01 Jul 2016

Watch How Long It Takes For A Thief To Snatch A Locked Bicycle

01 Jul 2016

Video: Peter Sagan introduces his teammates on Tour de France stage

29 Jun 2016

Video: Cyclist overtakes motorbikers on descent and one of them isn’t happy

28 Jun 2016

Video: Cyclist celebrates victory a lap too early and loses the race

22 Jun 2016

Video: Izagirre reaches insane speed on descent

21 Jun 2016

Video: California cyclist slams into bear in freak collision

17 Jun 2016

Video: Cyclist survives collision with train going 145kph

17 Jun 2016

Video: Danny Van Poppel’s incredible crash save

10 Jun 2016

Video: Mountain Biker’s Brush with Death in Utah

07 Jun 2016

Video: Who’s faster? Anna Meares vs. Porsche Boxster

05 Jun 2016

Video: Runner wearing headphones collides with cyclist

02 Jun 2016

Worst Crashes in Tour de France History

01 Jun 2016

Shocking video: Angry driver threatens cyclist with a knife in Australia

30 May 2016

Video: Driver cuts up cyclist and threatens him with a baseball bat

29 May 2016

Video: Sonny Colbrelli collides with spectator at full speed

27 May 2016

Video: Giro d’Italia leader Steven Kruijswijk crashes into snow and loses the pink jersey

26 May 2016

Video: Vittorio Brumotti shows off insane skills on bike

24 May 2016

Video: Carbon wheel disintegrates during a cycling track event

22 May 2016

Video: Firsanov is blocked by Tinkoff car and loses the stage win in Giro

22 May 2016

Video: Horses almost cause havoc on Giro d’Italia

17 May 2016

Cycling crash saves you need to see to believe

16 May 2016

Video: Woman prepares for the first ever bike trip across Antarctica

10 May 2016

Orica-GreenEdge’s new video recreates a Giro d’Italia stage using toys

09 May 2016

Geniez fined after fight with Dupont in Giro d’Italia. See the video

06 May 2016

Tour de Bretagne organizers respond to allegations regarding Costa’s motorised doping

04 May 2016

Another case of motor doping? Watch the video

24 Apr 2016

Video: Sondre Holst Enger funny celebration in Tour of Croatia

11 Apr 2016

Video: On-bike footage from Paris-Roubaix 2016 including Cancellara crash

05 Apr 2016

Cyclist narrowly avoids falling under the wheels of an SUV

30 Mar 2016

Cool dad creates homemade mountain bike simulator for daughter

29 Mar 2016

Fabian Cancellara Vs Tom Boonen – Who Is The Greatest Classics Rider?

18 Mar 2016

Bus Drivers Ride Bikes to Appreciate Passing Laws

07 Mar 2016

Cyclists in South Africa get chased by ostrich

22 Jan 2016

Road Bike Vs. Electric Car: What Is The Greenest Way To Get To Work?

27 Dec 2015

Best apps for cycling – video