Taaramae abandons Vuelta after being hit by Cofidis team car

Rein Taaramae (Katusha) was one of several riders to abandon the Vuelta a España on stage 7, but rather than struggling with illness or injury like the others, the Estonian was hit by Cofidis team car.

“I can’t be sure exactly what happened. I was suffering today. I was dropped in the group and was riding alone. In one moment I found myself on the side of the road and I understood that a car hit me from the back.”, said Taaramae after the stage.

“I think I’m lucky that nothing is broken. My bike was broken in probably six pieces. When I saw that, I realized I was really lucky. Later that director spoke to me and said it was his fault but was unsure what had happened too. He was very sorry”.

Rein Taaramae

“Rein was dropped on the hill and the cars were passing him – he was in the middle of the cars. I think he didn’t see the Cofidis car.”, explained sports director José Azevedo.

“Sometimes this happens where you look to one side and can’t see anything, but I think the car came and he could not avoid it so he was hit from behind. He flew off the bike to the right side of the road and this was a lucky thing because he was safe, but the car hit his bike and destroyed it completely. It was in a lot of pieces.”

“Of course it was not on purpose, it was just something that happens in a race. He only has small injuries, but it was impossible for him to continue. I think he was initially in shock and these last days he’s been having some stomach problems. He was suffering to finish today and then this crash, so it needed to be over for him”.