Suomy presents a new road and MTB helmet range

The Suomy name has previously popped up in cycling with the likes of the old Barloworld team, although these were actually rebadged helmets of another brand. In 2013, Suomy started to design its own cycling helmets and claims to have devoted its whole design team to the cause in 2014.

Said to be 100% made in Italy, the brand now offers a total of four cycling helmet models with plenty of colour and design choice in each. Covering road, mountain, downhill and TT, let’s take a look at the new range.

Suomy Gun Wind

Externally, the Gun Wind offers a rounded shape with a short back. The venting starts at the forehead directly behind the brand badge and continues upward, getting large in size toward the centre of the lid. These large central vents are reinforced with ‘thermoplastic resin composite’. All up, there’s a total of 25 vents.

The Gun Wind is available in two sizes to fit 54-58cm and 59-62cm heads respectively. On first fitting, this helmet feels very ‘Euro’ in its shape. If you like the fit of Kask, Lazer and Met helmets, then you’ll probably feel right at home here.

Suomy Scrambler

While the road-going Gun Wind is the only model we have our hands on, the new Enduro-focused Scrambler looks interesting too.

Information is rather scarce, but it appears the Scrambler offers a rounded external profile with deep head coverage. Ventilation appears generous, and the claimed 280g weight for a medium is impressive too.

There’s an adjustable visor, and somehow the entire chinstrap is said to be replaceable. Like the Gun Wind, this model will be available in two shell sizes and there’s multiple thicknesses of pads available to further customize the fit.

Suomy Jumper

Such a helmet should come as a natural path for Suomy, given the brand first appeared in 1997 with a helmet for motocross racing. The Jumper is a full-face helmet designed specifically for downhill and ‘extreme’ enduro use.

Like other top downhill helmets, the Jumper uses a mix of carbon, fibreglass and polycarbonate. With such a construction, weight is claimed at an impressive 690g.

Most surprising is that it appears the Jumper is only available in a single shell size. The Jumper features grippers for goggle straps and an adjustable visor.

Pricing and availability for the Jumper full-face helmet is currently unknown.

Suomy GT-R

Again, technical details are scarce but it appears the GT-R offers nine ventilation holes with some significant internal channeling. There’s a removable sun visor, with different tints available. An EN standards version carries an impressive claimed weight of 230g (we suspect without sun visor).

According to Suomy, a matt paint is used due to better sliding of the wind compared normal gloss coats.

There’s only one shell size on offer though, and it claims to fit heads from 54 to 61cm in diameter.

via bikeradar