Specialized’s Rio Olympic bikes changes colour in heat

Specialized revealed their Olympic race bikes which changes colour from red to yellow when the temperature reaches 22˚C.

The special paintjob has been added to three different bikes for the Olympics, the Tarmac men’s road bike, the Amira women’s road bike, and the Epic FSR cross-country mountain bike that will of course be used by Peter Sagan as he tries to go for off-road Olympic glory. The company has also released the Specialized Evade helmet with the same colour-changing treatment.

Specialized chose the temperature of 22˚C for the colour transformation to take place based on the average temperature in Rio de Janeiro at this time of year.

A cyclist training in Rio decided to put the colour-changing paint scheme to the test. As can be seen in the video below, as he pours water from his bidon on to the frame, the frame colour changes from yellow back to orange, suggesting that the temperature of the frame has dropped below 22˚C.

Posted by Brújula Bike on 5 August 2016