Shocking video: Angry driver threatens cyclist with a knife in Australia

A disturbing confrontation between a knife-wielding Western Australian driver and a cyclist following a minor collision has been captured on camera.

Crossing a double line and driving down the opposite side of the street, the 4WD appears to clip the bike, at which point the car comes to a stop in the middle of a roundabout, then zooms ahead and parks by the curb. The driver emerges, with a serrated knife in hand, waving it threateningly at the cyclist amid a torrent of abuse.


The cyclist, fearing for his life, is forced to abandon his bike on the road and retreat from the advancing motorist. After a few moments, the other man returns to the car and drives off.

“This rather charming gentleman got a $1500 fine for this armed unprovoked road rage attack on a cyclist,” the caption reads.

The cyclist has been identified as a 45-year-old father who was on his way home from work. A caption at the head of the video explains the cyclist had been forced to assert his presence on the road already that day to prevent motorists from trying to overtake him at intersections and roundabouts.

“I was able to fend off most with a strong position and, if necessary, a slight sudden movement further out,” the caption reads. “Drivers almost always get the message with that. Not this one though!”