Sagan visits spectator motorhome during Tour de France stage

In full ascent to Finhaut-Emosson in Tour de France stage 17, Peter Sagan had to stop for a physiological obligation and then struggled to put his jersey back.

Peter Sagan left one of the most striking images of this edition from Tour de France. The Tinkoff cyclist, left behind from the breakaway and without any concerns about the overall standings, stopped to relieve himself in the motorhome of a spectator in full ascension to Finhaut-Emosson, a climb of special category.

Sagan motorhome 4

In fact, during the broadcast of the stage Sagan was seen struggling to get back his green jersey, but no one knew then what happened. To ‘finish the job’, Sagan did a wheelie on the finish line.

Sagan motorhome Sagan motorhome 2Sagan motorhome 3