Rohan Dennis withdraws from Catalunya

Rohan Dennis will not start the second stage of Volta Ciclista a Catalunya due to illness.

The BMC Racing Team Doctor, Dr Daniele Zaccaria, said that Dennis has flu-like symptoms and high fever so he is unable to start:  “He was feeling good until halfway through stage 1 yesterday, however he then started to feel unwell. He was dropped in the final 10 kilometers which is unusual for him on such a course and this was an indication of his condition,” Dr Zaccaria said.

“He has a fever and didn’t sleep well last night, so it is in his best interests not to start today in order to avoid any further illness and jeopardize his long term plan for this year.”

Rohan Dennis is obviously disappointed that he will not be continuing the race: “I was feeling good when I arrived in Catalunya on Sunday. It looked like I was 100% but obviously there was something underlying and racing yesterday has flared it up. It’s disappointing not to continue racing here, but I have some big goals for this year which are still to come and my health comes first,” Dennis confirmed.