Rio 2016 Olympics: Bomb scare at cycling road race finish line

An explosion took place at the finishing line of the men’s cycling road race at the Rio Olympics on Saturday but there were no signs of panic or injuries.

A bomb squad has blown up an unattended bag at the finish line of the men’s Olympic cycling road race in a controlled explosion. The suspicious package was found near the Copacabana beach – not far from the finish line at Flamengo Park in Rio de Janeiro.

Fans watching the race were startled when they heard a loud noise close to the waterfront. A bomb disposal unit was seen near the finish line, as were half a dozen military police officers. The area has been cordoned off.

One cycling fan said: ‘I thought it was a gun shot at first. Everyone stood up and looked a bit concerned but then sat back down so I presumed it was a firework.’

The loud blast could be heard on the BBC’s coverage of the race, with the shocked commentators stopping as the explosion rang out.