Oleg Tinkov: “I don’t believe team Sky could ever had any organised doping program”

Oleg Tinkov has issued a statement in support of Team Sky and their team principal Dave Brailsford in the controversy surrounding Bradley Wiggins‘s therapeutic use exemption (TUE) certificate for triamcinolone.

He wrote: “I don’t understand why people are so negative and jealous, in general? I don’t believe team Sky could ever had any organised doping program.

“It is impossible in the modern cycling. Period. I have been a principal of the cycling teams for over six seasons and never ever my rider was involve with doping. These days are over.”

“Lance Armstrong and some Astana riders probably were the last who cheat systematically and organized. Some even paid to Kolobnev and perhaps to Uran to win the races. Cycling is better than you think, sure there are some cavity like I just said, but I trust Brailsford, Wiggins and Froome and I don’t have to, since I probably even will never met them again.”

Team Sky general manager Sir David Brailsford told the BBC Team Sky “do not cross the line” when it comes to performance-enhancing drugs. Brailsford added that Sky is reviewing its policy regarding TUEs, and may openly publish any TUE issued to their riders.