Marcus Burghardt descended at 130.7kph on stage 9 of the Tour de France

Leigh Howard showed that he reached 122kph at one point on a descent in stage 9 of the Tour de France, but he wasn’t the fastest rider on the road.

Jeremy Roy (FDJ) recorded 127kph on the descent of the Côte de la Comella while Marcus Burghardt (BMC) topped out at 130.7 on the long downhill section from the first climb, according to his Strava upload.


The smooth, long straight roads down from the Bonaigua climb as the riders headed towards Andorra provided the peloton with some much needed time to rest their legs, but travelling at over 130kph must be pretty demanding.

They did technically break the speed limit of the road in the area, but we are sure that the authorities won’t be chasing them down to pay a fine.