LED Lights Innovation For Cycling Safety

Here are some of the common incidents that plague cyclists, and how the power of LED lights can make the occupation safer and more enjoyable.

Poor visibility on the road

Most cycling accidents occur due to a collision on or near road junctions and T-junctions. Poor lighting situations will only increase the risk for pedestrians and cyclists. LED lights are a cost-effective way for cyclists to become visible. Many lights can now be fixed onto outerwear, the bike’s wheels, and even the bike’s seat.

Lights can be beneficial even during the daylight

About 80 percent of accidents occur during the day, but those that happen at night tend to be more fatal. Outside of illumination, lights that flash draw more attention, even during the day. Many drivers tend to enter something akin to a highway hypnosis , where drivers enter a mental state where many of their actions are automated. Even though highway hypnosis allows drivers to operate their car, a random cyclist can get in the way, but due to their mental state, the driver may not respond to their presence quickly enough. Bright, flashing LED lights can help jolt a driver from hypnotic dissociation, ensuring alertness.

Human error is one of the main contributory elements to most bikecrashes

In many cases, the bicyclists simply failed to look properly. Lightingwill assist with visibility issues, with lighting being able to signal to other drivers of your presence, your turning motives, and your agenda as an active member of the street.

How LED Lights Are Contributing to the Safety of Cyclists

In the past couple of decades, LED lights have found their way onto thecyclist’s helmet, clothing, rear, and front wheel, with even gadgets that extend lighting several feet in front of their bikes to communicate their presence onto other bicyclists, vehicles, and pedestrians.

• One of the benefits of LED lights is that they are extremely energy efficient , consuming a lot less power than other types of lights. This allows them to be a robust with minimal power output, providing a smaller footprint and versatility.

• With the power of LED lighting, helmets are fixed with brighter headlights, allowing it to be more visible than ever before. Long gone are reflective strips that may not even be effective if not properly placed. Now many cyclists can be set with a front facing light that is several hundred lumens bright.

• Due to their versatility, LED lights are also being integrated into clothing, with visibility jackets being replaced with flashing LED lights to draw attention. Clothing fixed with LED circuitry are safe and do not require heavy batteries.

Cycling Innovation and LED Lights Go Hand-In-Hand

Many crowdfunding sites have encouraged innovation onto the cycling community, with light projectors that produce a light several feet ahead of the cyclist. This will signal their presence when they turn corners, as well as communicate to the traffic around them. Lane-defining lights fixed on the rear of the bike will help drivers see designated safe zone for the cyclists, informing drivers nearby what distance to keep.

The future of the bike is hubless, spokeless, with features that marry the convenience and safety of lights, with the efficiency of LED technology. LED lighting is positioned to not only enhance safety, but also communicate to others when a cyclist is breaking, accelerating, or turning.