Lance Armstrong rides for Michigan cyclists killed last week

Lance Armstrong joined many about 600 other riders on Tuesday in a ride to honor five people who were killed in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The five riders were killed, and four others injured, when they were hit by a truck while riding on the shoulder of the street.

“We had an idea that we would not let this stop us,” Armstrong said. “Not let this tragedy stop y’all. Just get back on the bike. And we’ll finish the rid for those fallen, and we’ll finish the ride for those in the hospital who can’t be here.” Nine cyclists were biking from Kalamazoo to Plainwell and back when a pick up truck ran over them. Tuesday, hundreds of people biked the route those nine riders weren’t able to finish.

“We always like to finish what we started, so this is for those families to finish what they started last week,” Jamie Clark, who owns Clark Cycling Team and is a member of the tight-knit bicycling community in Kalamazoo, said.

“We’re here for the families of these victims that got run over, all nine of them, we’re here for them, and that’s it. Our heart goes out to them,” Clark said. Armstrong coming to ride with them gives the cycling community and the families powerful support, he said.