Lance Armstrong launches mountain bike event

A new mountain-biking event that features some of the best trails in Aspen, USA, will be launched Sept. 18 by Lance Armstrong reports Aspen Times.

The Aspen 50 was conceived by Lance Armstrong as a way to benefit the Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association and its work on trails.

“While this inaugural ride is not actually a race, you can expect some truly fast riders to be leading the way as soon as the pedaling starts,” says a description by Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association Executive Director Mike Pritchard.

A limited number of entries are available, but the mountain-bike association is looking for volunteers to serve as race marshals and other positions. Participants will climb 7,264 feet over the grueling course.

No single segment is all that tough, but the ride combines routes that recreational riders typically tackle in two or three separate outings, making for a tough day.

Armstrong’s new enterprise, WEDU, is securing the permits from the Aspen and Pitkin County open space and trails departments, according to the Roaring Fork Mountain Bike Association.

Registration for the event is free; however, riders will be asked to purchase an annual membership in the mountain-bike association and make a contribution.