Kwiatkowski wants the glory of grand tours

Michal Kwiatkowski, who joined Team Sky during the transfer season, wants to shine in three-week race in the future. But for his first season with the British team, he will target the Spring classics.

“I believe there is so much to achieve in the classics, but of course, I’m thinking about one-week stage races and even the Grand Tours”, he told Sky Sports News. “What is my role going to be in the future? I cannot say straight away, but I want to become a Grand Tour racer. On the other hand, if you look at the races that I lost or almost won, I lost the races during climbing. That’s the room for improvement in my racing. We have to work on that.”

He expects to learn a lot from Chris Froome. “Being next to him in July would be an amazing feeling and also an amazing experience for me.”

Kwiatkowski also¬†thinks about the Olympics. “I did the recon in early November. It was in the off-season, so for me it was even harder than I expected, going there without shape, but that is a race that the strongest rider is going to win, for sure. It’s so difficult. It’s a really long-distance race and the final climb is 8km long, with almost 4km really steep – sections of 14 or 15 per cent – and then we have got a slight descent for 1km and then the last 2.5km to 3km is slightly uphill – four, five, six per cent. There is no tactical game.”