Kittel: Cyclists with severe asthma should compete in Paralympics

Marcel Kittel and André Greipel criticise the use of therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs) in cycling, with the former suggesting those who suffer from severe asthma should compete in the Paralympics.

“If someone has severe asthma, then he has no place in performance sport,” said Kittel. “We introduced the Paralympics because we want to give people with one leg a chance to compete against others,”.

Greipel, meanwhile, has said that the leak of WADA documents last month, showing Bradley Wiggins and Team Sky had obtained permission on three occasions to use the banned corticosteroid triamcinolone, explained why the British team are not part of the MPCC.

“If you are ill then you’re not riding in any races,” Greipel said. “That’s why we’re in the MPCC. And now we know why Sky weren’t.”

John Degenkolb believes that an independent body should be set up to approve or deny TUEs to ensure fairness. All three riders have reportedly not made use of TUEs during their career.