Keagan Girdlestone out of coma and breathing unassisted

Dimension Data’s Continental team rider Keagan Girdlestone is still in intensive care in Rimini, Italy, two weeks after the horrific life-threatening accident.

According to an admin post on his Facebook page, Girdlestone did not sustain any facial injuries. The critical injuries were sustained to his neck and throat. He severed not only the carotid artery, but the jugular vein, nerves and muscles as well.

Due to major loss of blood at the scene, as well as the time it took to get him to surgery, the right hand side of his brain was starved of blood and oxygen.

Muur van Geraardsbergen
Muur van Geraardsbergen

He also sustained bruising of his brain due to the impact, as well as vocal cord damage. At this stage the full extent of his injuries is unknown.

He is breathing on his own, but with difficulty as one of the nerves controlling his diaphragm has been damaged. He has limited movement of his left side due to the lack of oxygen to the brain, although this is showing signs of improvement.

The right side, which is being affected by nerve damage, also has limited movement. He is able to move his leg and squeeze his hand, but there is no movement of his arm.

With continued rehabilitation it is hoped that all functionality will improve over time. However, any possible long-term effects are still unknown.