Greipel refuses a co-captaincy with Kittel at Worlds

Speaking to the dpa news agency, Andre Greipel says he fully expects to lead Germany at the sprinter’s Worlds in Qatar and won’t play second fiddle to Marcel Kittel.

“It is a difficult situation for Marcel and me. Neither of us has any information from the BDR (German Federation). The course in Qatar is good for both of us, but it is not to be underestimated: It will be about 40 degrees, strong wind and 260 kilometers,” he told dpa.

The decision will be made after the Hamburg Cyclassics this weekend. Kittel has 11 wins in 2016, including two Giro stages and one Tour win. Greipel, despite being in jured for most of the spring, took 9 wins, three of them in the Giro as well as the prestigious Champs-Elysees stage at the Tour de France.

Greipel says the national team must pick one leader as “it would be counter-productive to go there with two captains,” he said. “I had a good season and would not accept being put in second place.”