FSA launches K-Force WE electronic groupset

FSA has launched its first ever groupset. It’s called K-Force WE and it’s an 11-speed electronic groupset with a semi-wireless setup – the front and rear mechs are connected to a battery hidden inside the seatpost and are operated wirelessly by the shifters using ANT+. 

WE stands for Wireless Electronic. K-Force WE is a true whole new groupset: from the carbon shifter levers, the carefully crafted switchgear and the game-changing front and rear derailleurs, the hidden long-life battery pack, to the redesigned K-Force crankset, chainrings, cassette and newly uprated brakes.

K-Force WE is an 11-speed system that’s set for double cranksets. It features a revolutionary rear derailleur design and a front mech with the system’s ‘brain’ and rider-friendly control system.

K-Force WE is, in effect, a ‘hybrid wireless’ and the result of extensive innovation, research, design, and testing over years with professional riders from a number of teams, countries and disciplines. The front and rear derailleurs and the battery pack are connected via a wire hidden in the driveside chainstays and seat-tube, while the rider-configurable shifters are fully wireless, each powered by a lightweight, long-lasting battery.

The benefits for this design approach are found in the optimum blend of efficient, precise functionality, long-term reliability, weight-saving and ease of use, charging and maintenance (including for the future fitting aero/TT bars).

As K-Force WE’s wireless signals are transmitted via ANT+, there are enormous opportunities to record and share a world of data. FSA have produced proprietary software apps, and worked closely on integration with market-leading headunit maker Garmin, and there is compatibility with many other ANT+-equipped bike computers.

Thanks to a combination of innovative design and the optimum nomination of weight-saving, strong and durable components, the overall weight of the K-Force WE drivetrain is just 2090g.

Control and customization has been a key theme throughout K-Force WE’s concept and development – the ability to adapt and configure the system to your own requirements features across the groupset’s individual components. Let’s look at each of them in turn…