Fabian Cancellara: “I will race for winning not for second or third”

Fabian Cancellara would become Flanders’s most decorated winner ever if he were to win this Sunday.

“I will race for winning not for second or third” Cancellara said. “I come here 100 per cent that is no secret. Now it’s the race that decides. We have some tactics, we can also change tactics. I want this race; we want to win as a team. We will play our game like other [teams] because I know I will be targeted, but maybe we will have other targets as well. I’m ready for everything, I’m not scared.”

Cancellara missed last year’s Flanders with injury, but admitted he’s feeling no pressure despite knowing this year is the last chance he will have to win.

“I have my freedom, that’s the nice thing. There is some energy left to still go on like this and enjoy my last season and this is what I am doing 100 per cent. I am concentrated but still I have my peace on the inside, I am relaxed and [will] just go out and race.

“It would mean a lot [to win] because it would be history, but at the end I look at it like a bike race.”

This year will also be the final time the Swiss rider will go head-to-head with Tom Boonen, who is also aiming for a fourth win in the Flanders.

“He will be there, these are the races that he focuses on. He knows how he can win and how to race,” he said. “Maybe he hasn’t shown on the outside that he is strong, but we’re riding in the peloton so I can see more of the details.”



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