Dumoulin: “It’s very strange that Wiggins always took medication in the same period”

Tom Dumoulin has given an outspoken interview with De Limburger newspaper where he has criticised the decision of the UCI to award the forthcoming World Championships to Qatar. He has also given his opinion of the Bradley Wiggins situation.

“Many Indians go to Qatar to work who are in a bad state. I’m not going to mention slavery, but that country is far removed from our values. Whether it’s worse or not? You find your own culture is better.”

“Also, there will be very few spectators and it will be totally bleak. All in all, it would have been better to keep the World Championships in a different, more cycling-loving country.”

“I can also see the benefits though. There is a lot of money up for grabs for the UCI. Qatar will pay the UCI millions to be able to organize the Worlds.”

“What does the UCI do with the money? That’s not going to the sport, because we have to for example pay almost everything ourselves to ride the team time-trial. It’s crooked. And that is the UCI, not Qatar. I think the UCI are perhaps bigger crooks than the whole of Qatar together.”

Dumoulin also goes on to speak about the recent leak of TUEs after the WADA database was hacked by the Russian Fancy Bears group.

“It’s very strange that Wiggins always took medication in the same period. And injecting? Then you must have really bad asthma, something they do not usually do for normal asthmatics, let alone athletes who have exercise-induced asthma.”

“Apparently Wiggins’ injection also worked for weeks. Then in my opinion, you should be out of competition for weeks. That thing stinks.”