Driver pulls gun on George Hincapie and his 8 year-old son whilst out cycling

Ex-U.S. Postal rider George Hincapie has posted on his Facebook page details of an incident whereby a driver pulled a gun on him after trying to run him off the road as Hincapie and his 8 year-old son Enzo were out on a bike ride in South Carolina.

“Feel like I need to share this with our cycling community. This person tried running me off the road on Paris mt, stopped then pulled a gun out on me after he tried to punch me.”, wrote Hincapie.

“I was with my 8 year old son as well. He probably lives on the mountain. Please be aware of this vehicle. Brown Subaru suv. Be careful out there!!”.

Hincapie also included a photo of the vehicle the motorist was driving in.