David Millar says drugs used by Wiggins should be banned

Former professional David Millar, who admitted to using performance enhancing drugs during his career, has called for drugs used by the likes of Bradley Wiggins through Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) to be banned.

Millar said that one of the drugs, triamcinolone, also known by one of its trade names, Kenacort, was the most potent drug he had ever used and that he could “not imagine how bad it must be to have severe allergies and to need it.”

“As I said in my book [Racing Through The Dark], I took EPO and testosterone patches, and they obviously produce huge differences in your blood and you felt at your top level … Kenacort, though, was the only one you took and three days later you looked different.

“You would do all the training but my weight would stick,” he said. “But if I took Kenacort, 1.5-2kgs would drop off in like a week. And not only would the weight drop off I would feel stronger.

“If you are non-asthmatic and you take Ventolin it’s not going to give you any advantage. But if you take Kenacort it’s not only going to make a sick person better, it’s going to make a sick person better than a healthy person. That’s a very grey area. I remember it was one of the reasons I took sleeping pills because Kenacort put you on this weird high. It’s quite scary because it’s catabolic so it’s eating into you. It felt destructive. It felt powerful.”