Dan Bilzerian Wins His $1.2 Million Cycling Bet

Dan Bilzerian hasn’t announced it himself yet, but last night he won his $1.2 million cycling bet by cycling 300 miles from Las Vegas to Los Angeles through the Mojave Desert. This means he doesn’t have to forfeit his Gulfstream jet, which has to be a sigh of relief for the Instagram playboy.

On Tuesday Bilzerian started out in Vegas and he even had a police escort while leaving (…which we assume he paid for out of pocket), resulting in the following awesome drone video.

He had a pretty solid strategy for being able to maintain pace: He left from Vegas, which means he lost elevation (going downhill towards the coast) vs. gaining it. Plus the van is broke his wind resistance so he can keep up pace. It also looks like his bike had massive gears to do all the work for him. No wonder he shelled out so much money to make this bet happen.

Dan Bilzerian bicycle

Last night he made it to Los Angeles. You can watch him ride into L.A. with an escort from the LAPD via 48hourbet.com.

Dan Bilzerian riding bike