Dan Bilzerian bike bet takes another twist and a G4 Jet is now on the line

Dan Bilzerian has increased the stakes on his bike bet by agreeing to terms with Rick Salomon that includes his G4 jet or $250,000 depending on whether he dies or suffers from brain damage.

The Dan Bilzerian bike bet has taken another twist after the bearded boy wonder agreed to terms with Pamela Anderson’s former hubby Rick Salomon. If Bilzerian dies or suffers from brain damage during the 48-hour bike ride, then Salomon gets to keep Bilzerian’s G4 jet. If Bilzerian completes the trip in under 48-hours, he will take $250,000 from Salomon’s pocket.

“If I have a heart attack and live, or don’t make it, bet is a wash. This is getting interesting, almost a million on the line now.” Bilzerian wrote on a Facebook page that has nearly 10 million likes.

It’s not the first time the name of Rick Salomon has been dropped into the bike bet storyline. Michael Kaplan recently wrote a piece in the New York Post stating that the originator of the $600,000 dare, Bill Perkins, offered the chance first to Salomon before Bilzerian decided to put his life on the life.

In that same tale, Kaplan explains how prior to the bet Bilzerian had spent less than 20-hours on a bike in his entire life (a metal version that is); how the most he has ridden since Lance Armstrong started training him was 54 miles in four and a half hours; and that he has so far lost six pounds during training.

“Nobody does this. From LA to Vegas I have a 13,000-foot climb — which is [almost] half of Mount Everest — but I wanted a challenge.” Bilzerian told Kaplan.

The ride is not about the money. It’s about the scrutiny. According to the article, should Bilzerian win, he won’t come out with much profit. He plans to spend around $125,000 on equipment, he will hand $25,000 to Lance Armstrong’s child cancer charity win or lose, and will use $350,000 to pay off a recent poker loss.

Bilzerian also told Kaplan that Perkins once offered him $500,000 to work at a valet in a casino for a month (a bet he turned down), won $385,000 racing his Shelby Cobra against a Ferrari, and lost $2.3m on a coin toss.

Salomon is no stranger to the poker world. During his most recent divorce with Pammie, the courts heard the Baywatch beauty explain how Salomon won $40m playing poker in 2014, the same year he finished fourth in the $1m buy-in Big One for One Drop at the World Series of Poker (WSOP).