Cyclists plunged into sea after Rio de Janeiro bike path collapses

Two people are reported to have died and three others have been injured after a 50 metre section of a coastal cycleway in Rio de Janeiro that opened just three months ago collapsed this morning. 

According to one eyewitness, a series of large waves struck the Ciclovia Tim Maia, which sits on concrete piers above the Atlantic Ocean, causing it “to fall apart like paper” and collapse into the waters below. The bodies of the two people who were killed were recovered from the ocean by the emergency services, reports UOL, as were the three people who were hurt. The extent of their injuries is not yet known.

cycleway collapsed 2

Another witness, Ademir Guedes, said that another rider warned him of the collapsed section of the bike path.

“He warned me, but I thought he was joking. I never imagined the collapse of a newly built bike path. I went slowly to the edge of the cliff. Then the drivers started shouting me warning of the risk,” he said

cycleway collapsed