Cycling crash saves you need to see to believe

1. When Crit Racers Add Barriers

The spectators’ reactions are almost as good as the save from rider Michael Garretson’s clipped pedal in this solo cornering incident at the 2013 Frat Row Criterium at Penn State.

2. The Comfiest, Craziest Crash

This truck buzzes a cyclist, but in the process of knocking him over, a mattress falls out of the back, providing a cushy landing.

3. Armstrong’s amazing save

Whether you love or hate him, Lance Armstrong’s off-roading cyclocross-style stunt in the 2009 Tour de France is certainly worth watching.

4. The One-Legged Wonder 

Alberto Contador may have crashed out of the Tour de France in 2014 trying to eat a bar while riding, but back in 2006, he made this amazing recovery after what appeared to be a pedal issue on a descent.

5. Hitting the Wall

Most recently, this near miss in the Paris-Nice Stage 2 sprint finish (jump ahead to 0:49 for a stellar aerial view) made us gasp and cheer.