Cool dad creates homemade mountain bike simulator for daughter

Downhill mountain biking is a ton of fun, but as with many fun things, it’s not really intended for toddlers. But one enterprising father wanted to find a way for his daughter to enjoy the thrill of flying downhill on a mountain bike without the risk of, you know, permanent bodily injury.

So, he did what any enterprising father who wanted to share some downhill stoke with his daughter without paying thousands on a bike simulator would do.

In a video currently making the rounds across the Internet, one unnamed father strapped his daughter up to her pink plastic tricycle, threw a motocross helmet on her and played a GoPro video of mountain biking through the Scottish Highlands on the family’s television while shaking his daughter with each twist and turn.

The end result? A thrilling ride for his little girl and a secured nomination for father of the year for him (not to mention a killer upper body workout).