Colnago launches first full-fledged aero bike

Developed to be as fast as possible, the new Colnago Concept takes aero and adds Italian style. The new bike takes its name from the first carbon model that Colnago developed in partnership with Ferrari back in 1986, and builds on that racing pedigree to develop a bike where speed was the highest priority Colnago says that they studies every detail to eke out as much aero performance they could while at the same time working their carbon magic to improve drivetrain stiffness for the racing machine. That refined carbon development also promises a frame that will keep a racer fresh and comfortable after a long day in the break to sprint for the win at the line. Colnago headed to the wind tunnel to the develop the Concept, which is no surprise, and went through 41 iterations of the frame before arriving at the final design, which has a claimed weight of 990g, paired with a 400g fork. That ensures the Concept remains competitively light for an aero bike.