Christian Prudhomme: “An independent body is needed to deal with fraud”

Christian Prudhomme, general director of the Tour de France, said for Stade 2 that UCI needs to come with an explanation for technical manager Mark Barfield’s decision to alert Typhoon e-bike CEO Harry Gibbings about a police investigation into mechanical doping during last year’s Tour. He also asks for an independent body to deal with the issue of mechanical doping instead of the UCI.

“It’s surprising to say the least. It demands an explanation, that’s for sure,” Prudhomme told Stade 2. “I said to him that even if he didn’t believe in thermal imaging, it should be used because no method is infallible and you should use every available methodology at your disposal to find cheats,”.

“He said he thought it was a good idea because he wanted to show that thermal cameras don’t work. But he needed to speak to his superior, Martin Gibbs the director general of the UCI. I don’t know why they don’t use cameras as a complement to the existing testing.”

“You see in world sport today that there are scandals across various disciplines. The sporting movement as a whole needs to be reformed. There needs to be a body independent of the federations that carries out the controls, that’s for certain,”

“An independent body is needed to deal with fraud – whatever it may be – and not the sports bodies themselves.”