Arnold Fiek survives fall into lake during GP Lugano

During the first kilometres of the Gp Lugano, the German Christina Jewelry rider Arnold Fiek hit a curve wide as the peloton was about to cross a bridge, crashing his bike against a railing and flying over a cliff covered with rocks. After his 12 metres fall, the rider, who never lost his consciousness, was rescued by a boat from the organization and taken to hospital. Miraculously, the initial x-rays revealed that he had suffered no fractures.

GP Lugano 2016

Photos posted by his team on Facebook show the dramatic moments after the crash, with Fiek stuck on a narrow concrete wall as he waited to be rescued and taken to hospital.

“The road was slippery and I crashed in a right-hand curve,” 22-year-old Fiek told the Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper from his hospital room in Lugano. “I tried to grab on to the guardrail, but I was unable to do so. I banged my hip against the wall and fell into the water. I swam for about five metres and then climbed up onto the wall to wait for the rescue boat.”

“I never lost consciousness. I was very, very lucky, had I fallen on my head it would not have been so good. In that first moment in the water, I thought, ‘It’s ending.’ You don’t know. Then I swam to the edge, got out of the water and it was not so bad. But then when I was on the wall, I couldn’t move. Fortunately it wasn’t so bad. I think I had a lucky day.”

His Christina Jewelry team suggested he had been lucky to escape a ‘nightmare’ crash.

“It’s hard to believe but he has never been unconscious, except a wet kit and an extraordinary story,” the team wrote on its Facebook page.

“The diagnosis revealed that a small crack in his hip was found – along with some bruises. We are not sure yet when he will be back on track. At least we can tell you that he is ok and luckily survived a nightmare. We all wish him a speedy recovery!!