Andy Schleck opens a bike shop in Luxembourg

Andy Schleck has opened his bike shop in Itzig in Luxembourg. It’s been in the pipeline for a while, but presumably not too many months were spent deciding on a name – it’s called Andy Schleck Cycles.

Schleck’s shop will stock just three bike brands (his former employers Trek, as well as Cervelo and Focus) and three clothing brands (Craft, Bontrager and Castelli), but the shop will also include a small exhibition space with souvenirs from Schleck’s career and a cafe.

The Luxemburger even has plans to open a children’s bike school, to encourage young cycling talent, and Schleck is excited about the prospect of finally running his own bike shop, an idea he first revealed last year.

“My goal is to share my experience and my bike love with all my clients. I will be at the store every day, this is my new full-time job. I look forward to welcoming the first customers.”, said Andy Schleck.

“We are targeting as many customers as possible,” he added, according to La Republicain Lorrain. “We sell both bikes for the children of city bikes, electric bikes, mountain bikes and racing bikes. We also offer payment facilities over three years for enthusiasts who want to run high performance bicycles, but can not spend so much money at one time.”