Adriano Malori’s condition continues to improve

Two months after his serious crash in the Tour de San Luis, Movistar Team’s Adriano Malori keeps moving towards his full recovery at the Centro Neurológico de Atención Integral (CNAI) in Imarcoain, Navarra.

The medical team of the center directed by Manuel Murie-Fernández, in charge of the 28-year-old Italian rider, remains very optimistic about the quick, steady evolution Malori has experienced ever since he was admitted.

Malori is receiving specialised and intensive treatment for 6 hours a day, including hydrotherapy, virtual reality, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech teraphy and neuropsychology, among many others, thanks to the multidisciplinary team of the CNAI.

Good expectations

Few weeks ago, Adriano Malori announced on his Twitter account he was riding again on the trainer. “I felt really comfortable when I got on my bike for the first time after the accident, even if it wasn’t on the road; for me, this is like starting over again – the second part of my professional career. My recovery is going quickly: just thinking how I was one and a half months ago and at this moment… it gives me goosebumps,” explains Malori.

The Italian rider’s neurorehabilitation process is still active, as these treatments take from 6 to 12 months to complete. However, this schedule could be shortened depending on Adriano’s evolution. “And he’s been able to reduce the length of some phases,” says Murie-Fernández.

Malori sustained serious injuries as a result of his crash on 22 January, during stage five of the Tour de San Luis.