Adam Yates disappointed after inflatable banner blocks his attack

A freak accident occurred in stage 7 at the Tour de France when the inflatable Flamme Rouge banner collapsed and fell on Adam Yates after he had gained an advantage over the group of favourites by attacking on the descent of the Col d’Aspin. Thankfully the British rider was not seriously injured will be able to continue the race.

“I’m beyond disappointed,” Yates said at the bus after the stage. “There’s not much you can do. When it came down on me, I had no time to react. At the top of the climb, I followed Dan Martin when he attacked. I took risks on the descent to get the white jersey. I had five to seven seconds, but that’s it.”

Yates received four stitches from the crash. He stood up as the peloton arrived, but sat back down. When he finished the stage, he was treated by a doctor.

“I have a cut shoulder, my wrist and knee are banged up, but I’m OK,” he said with a grin that showed his chin. I crash a lot on my chin! In San Sebastián I had eight stitches, then the time before seven stitches. Quite a lot of crashes on my chin, but I’m OK. You get on with it, what can you do.”

“I had a millisecond to react, but that’s not long enough to pull the brakes. The barrier came down and I hit it,” he added. “It was good that it was just me on my own. If the peloton was there on a sprint stage, going 70 to 80 kilometres an hour, it would’ve been worse.”

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