A new case of doping affects Italian cycling

The 25 year-old Samuel Conti was found positive at a doping control out of competition, conducted on August 13.

The substance found is GHRP-2  which is a synthetic growth hormone. The Southeast-Wilier rider has been suspended provisionally by UCI.

This is very bad news for the Italian formation of Angelo Citracca, forced to cope with a new positive at a delicate stage of the season.

“After spending all the day in the hospital because my son needed a surgery operation I’ve been informed about Samuele Conti’s positivity, a real shock. We were clear at the beginning of the season about this topic, we have a system of internal controls for making the team the most transparent as possible. Unfortunately the actions of an idiot can ruin everything, they put at risk the job of 40 people and the life of 40 families. I spoke with the rider who told me that he took a vitamine supplement but I don’t believe this bullshit. I think this is just the excuse of a stupid person who thinks to be smarter than the others. As a team we are totally extraneous and we are ready to take him to court”, said Angelo Citracca.