2020 Bretagne Classic LIVE STREAM

2020 Bretagne Classic LIVE STREAM ( Plouay – Plouay 247.8km ): Tuesday, 25 August, starts at 13:30pm Central Europe, 07:30am U.S. Eastern

This 84th edition will be taken in Plouay and its surroundings will be different, but it will remain demanding with several uphill sections, which will have the effect of wearing down the riders. On each of the 13.6 km loops to be completed, you will have to go through the Côte du Lézot. If its average slope is 3.9% over 1,400 meters, a passage of 19% looks spectavular. The Montée de Lann Payot will arrive almost immediately with 1,300 meters at 2.6% including a passage at 9%. But it is the Pont-Neuf coast that could play an even more decisive role. On the last pass, the top of this 1.5 km difficulty at 4.2% with a maximum of 9% will be located exactly two kilometers from the finish.