2019 Tour of Poland LIVE STREAM

Tour of Poland 2019 – stage 3 LIVE STREAM: Monday, 05 August, starts at 16:15pm CET (Central Europe), 10:15am U.S. Eastern.


The Tour de Pologne – UCI World Tour is getting ready for a fantastic edition. Besides the excitement and the riders who are always the real stars of the race, there will be plenty of events and important initiatives every day, which will contribute to making the 2018 edition extra special. This is the edition marking 90 years in the life of the Tour de Pologne, the 25th consecutive one that has been organized by Czeslaw Lang and his Lang Team, and in the background Poland is also celebrating the centennial of its Independence (1918-2018). You can watch this video as an introduction to the Tour of Poland live stream that will be covered live on Cycling Today.