Lance Armstrong challenges Kimmage to public interview

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Lance Armstrong has challenged nemesis Paul Kimmage to interview him live on stage when he appears at an event in Dublin next month.

Armstrong sent a tweet yesterday saying: “Hey @PaulKimmage, here’s a thought. How about you and I do the interview @OneZeroCon?”

Kimmage then responded saying: “@lancearmstrong @OneZeroCon You’re confusing me with one of those muppets that used to dance to your tune.”

He then went on to say: “@lancearmstrong But I’ll answer you, although I’m not sure you deserve it. Will I sit diwn with you? Absolutely. But not on these terms”.

Armstrong and Kimmage famously had a heated exchange in a press conference prior to the 2009 Tour of California, when Armstrong made his return to racing after retirement.

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