Romain Bardet : We need a end to a system where a doctor can prescribe cortisone for imaginary illnesses

Tour de France runner-up Romain Bardet called for rigorous independent checks of controversial Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs) where athletes can benefit from massive cortisone boosts with no threat of a doping ban.

“It’s up to the authorities to take a strong stand,” Bardet told AFP. “Why not have a truly independent medical team at the World Anti-Doping Agency? The current committee just bases its decisions around what team doctors say.

“We need a definitive end to a system where an unscrupulous doctor can prescribe cortisone for imaginary illnesses.”

Details of Bradley Wiggins TUEs were leaked online by the Fancy Bears hacking group, who had illegally obtained the confidential records from the WADA‘s system.

“How can I not be amazed? I do not have all the information and I have relatively little experience in this, but we see things that show that the system has flaws. These injections before the main tours, this is amazing.”

“I really appreciate Bradley Wiggins, the athlete and the person, his way of living and that he is outspoken. What hurt me, which is annoying, are the contradictions between reality and what he wrote in his autobiography.”

“I would prefer that we know all the TUEs that everyone has. But I do not think this is the right solution. The right solution when you are sick is not to participate in competitions.”

The 36-year-old five-times Olympic champion said he had been struggling with his breathing before the 2012 Tour de France and decided to take triamcinolone on medical advice.

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